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This is an EARLY PROTOTYPE, the game is now ready to be released on Steam after Greenlit, vote here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779726691

One Hit KO is a skill based two button fighting game inspired by classic fighting movies and games.

Current features:

- 1 playable character

- 4 types of enemies

- 5 stages

- endless mode

I'm extremely interested in your feedback, please leave a comment after playing this early version!

v038 changelog:

- menus

- bugfixes

v035 changelog:

- 1 new enemy type

- 1 new stage (key "5" to select it)

- improved some effects


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One Hit KO v038 (Windows) 52 MB


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Please mac this for mac

I don't own a mac a the moment so I can´t, sorry!


HOLY CRAP, this is such a great game, impossible to stop playing and incredible. Put t his on the mobile app stores and sell it! Me and my buddy had so much fun playing it, we made a video for our channel https://youtu.be/iwo17x6ba_A The Lightning is INCREDIBLE!

Hey thanks! I loved the video!

I'll put the game on Steam once it has more content, and I'm considering mobile. The guy with the glasses (not sure if it's you or your buddy) wanted to know my hi score, it's somewhere around 300 : )


I'm glad you loved the video. I'm the one on the left (non glasses) We absolutely love this game and we both can't implore you enough to go mobile when you get to that stage. This is a perfect mobile game. Thanks again.


The artstyle is awesome!!
The comparison against OFDP is inevitable but, what the hell, if you want to make a game with a similar mechanic to another, go for it! (plataformers exists after Mario, right?)

Thanks! The comparison doesn't bother me at all, OFDP is great : )

I honestly would prefer this one over OFDP simply cause this one ain't stick figures and maybe, later on there will be character customization.

I don't have anything against stick figures, it's just you get tired of them and sometimes two or more enemy sticks just look like one cause their colors are really limited. I see this game as a next step in this formula.

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I love it! Add a leaderboard if you can.

I didn't know about One Finger Death Punch but I think this one's better for the following reasons:

  • One hit death KO for you player makes you feel you survive because you're better than the AI and not because you have more hitpoints. It feels more hardcore.
  • The fact that you don't get any notification when an enemy enters the attack area makes it feel less like a QTE game and more like an action game, especially with the 2HP guy that may be kicked slightly out of the circle making you miss if you don't pay attention.
  • Better enemy design. "There's a ninja coming and two karate guys. Do I kill the karate guys first or by that time the ninja will arrive and kill me? What if it's the other way around?" and maybe it's the flying kick guy who kills you while focusing on those three.
  • The art style is much, much better. It's coherent, the characters don't look like placeholders compared to the backgrounds, the UI is more streamlined and it doesn't have more "juiciness" than necessary.

If you can add more content without breaking the core mechanics this can be a great game for Steam.

Thanks! Excellent points, I'm so glad someone noticed! Just a small thing, you do get a notification when an enemy enters the attack area, it's very subtle, but it's there. I'll definitely add more content and I'll try to get it on Steam. Thanks again, your comment made my day : )


I noticed the glow changes, but as you said, it's subtle and it doesn't actually tell you which button to press. I like it :)

Exactly : )

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The Guy that said ''Basically One finger Death Punch'', Doesn't know what it says.. This Game is better than One Finger Death Punch, Please.. If you Can, Add more Things to the Game and Release the Full Game on Steam, If you want Sell it or make it Free, Doesn't matter What, i will Pay for it.. But Please is so Fucking Awesome, I Spend 5 Hours on this Game and i Love it, But the Gameplay its repetitive.

Please, I trust you.

Ohhhh, wow, thank you so much! I'm currently adding more features to the game and I plan to release it on Steam eventually. I expected everyone to be bored after 5 minutes (which is still an accomplishment in my view), 5 hours seems insane! Thanks!

Basically One finger Death punch.

Yes. I'll take your comment as a compliment, thanks!